Ascend Guest Lecture Series | Vinod Sekharankutty, VP and Sales Leader | Genpact UK

IIFT was honoured to host Mr. Vinod Sekharankutty, VP and Sales Leader at Genpact UK. The session started with a walk down his memory lane of his time spent at IIFT.  Then he went on to talk about the market requirements for MBA in various countries and their differences with the Indian counterparts. He drew an analogy that in Europe the emphasis is more on work experience.

The session went on to deal with the life after MBA.  He assured that even after MBA if one realises that they aren’t in their dream job, it will not be the end and everything would be fine at the end.  As one’s career progresses, one should take it as a first opportunity to get a self aware check of oneself. He suggested that one should extract more from the first job in the form of learning and one shouldn’t shy away from shouldering more responsibility. He emphasised that one should show the hunger to make the journey to the top.

He also advised that everyone should learn the art of writing, as it is more important to convey one’s thoughts in the minimal way possible.  At the end of the day, one should ask if others are they able to take away the key information from one’s slide? Another advise he gave profoundly to students is to never let the curiosity within oneself die. Curiosity can be satiated by reading vociferously and gather relevant knowledge. He insisted that since all of us are in a management school, we will be good in what we are.  In order to rise up the corporate ladder one should be able to express oneself, one should be able to work in a team and possess an emotional quotient.Attention in detail is something people will appreciate.

The session ended with an advice of us to be a part of the technology revolution that will change how we do business with the advent of machine learning, artificial intelligence.


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