Ascend Guest Lecture Series| Rajesh Padmanabhan, Director, Group CHRO | Welspun Group

IIFT was honoured to host Mr. Rajesh Padmanabhan, Director and Group CHRO at Welspun Group. Mr. Rajesh dealt the topic of “Importance of Employer Branding in today’s world”

Mr. Rajesh started the session emphasising on the fact that, than theory it is the managerial experience which is more important in one’s career. He shared his experience on how he failed more than he succeeded and how that was much learning experience than succeeding. He also shared that life is a building block of experience. As long as learning ability and agility are present, the students are going in the optimum direction. He insisted that right and wrong are just part of the system, it living the life which matters the most. He related how he applied those in his 6*6 matrix and managing many responsibilities and divisions throughout his life. He shared that his life wasn’t scripted and he went on to make his own luck.

The session also went on how digital business is going to impact the future and how employer branding is going to play an important role. He insisted that one should always be very careful of one’s brand and carefully cultivate over the years. He sought to drive his point from an anecdote of EON – “If not you, then who?” On a personal note he talked about his passion for riding and how he religiously manages to find time for his passion no matter where he is in the world. He also stated that one who rides a bike shouldn’t be afraid. That’s how one rides a bike in the first place. The session ended where Mr. Rajesh Padmanabhan insisted on the importance of living life without the worry of whether it would lead to success or failure.


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