Ascend Guest Lecture Series | Arun Thukral , MD & CEO | Axis Securities Limited

IIFT was honored to host Mr. Arun Thukral, MD & CEO at Axis Securities Limited. The topic discussed was “Role of Equity in the growth story of an individual and the country”.

The session started with simple questions of “Who wants to be healthy? Who wants to be wealthy? Who wants to be wise?” and went on to proceed to the importance of investing rightly in life. The session also revealed the perspective on how India is greatly positioned to script a growth story in the coming days.

Mr. Arun Thukral drew several instances from his newly launched book “Yogi on Dalal Street” on why India is still not able to achieve its potential investment targets in the stock market. He also insisted on the importance of investing in the right things at the right time.  He sought to drive the point on “It is one’s Dharma that money should work for one and not the other way round”.

It was an interactive session where the students got to know about six rules to keep in mind while investing.

Rule 1 – Avidya (Lack of Knowledge): One should have a basic knowledge while investing in stocks. Lack of knowledge is not an excuse anymore.

Rule 2 – Asmita (Ego of Knowledge): Having an ego is not good for both financial and personal fronts. Knowledge of Ego is Knowledge and Ego of Knowledge is Ego.

Rule 3 – Raaga (Attachment): Attachment is dangerous, especially in the stock market. In case of a loss stock, one should not be attached to it in the hope that the stock would grow again.

Rule 4: Dwesha (No aversion to Equity): One should not make their decisions in the stock market on the basis of experiences of others. Especially in the case of bad experiences.

Rule 5: Avinesha (Avoid the fear of loss): One should always be ready to lose in the stock market and be brave enough to face the risk. Markets always tend to reward patience.

The session ended on a lighter anecdote where Mr. Arun Thukral insisted on the importance of living life at the right time and urged the students to make appropriate decisions to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

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