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Our Story

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Your search has ended, folks.

Nothing like IIFT Chronicles for an aspiring IIFTian to get a glimpse of the multifarious goings-on in the hallowed precincts of the IIFT castle.

Rush over to IIFT Chronicles (
where we bring to you spicy tidbits and tales, and keep you updated about everything remotely concerned with IIFT.

Karen S. Cole, book ghostwriter since before 2003, tells you how to and make your book publishable and maybe bestselling too. Officially we call it “chronicles”; unofficially this is a diary of sorts.
A place where IIFTians of all ages, shapes and sizes, come together to relive, reflect and read about everything IIFT.

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If you are new here, you sure have a lot to learn. But worry not, the Ancient Chronicles will teach you!


The official blog of IIFT Delhi is maintained by the Media Committee of IIFT Delhi with inputs from students and various clubs/cells/committees on the campus.

You can find all the fun stuff here, be it the crazy academic rigor, the scintillating late night parties, the lengthy gossips, or the “intellectual” long discussions. Words always fall short to describe our 50+ years’ old legacy, hence this is a humble attempt to capture and share the awesomeness of our beloved IIFTians and their life here at IIFT.

This is also an attempt to connect on a real-time basis with our alumni, current students and aspirants and give everyone the opportunity to share and network through our blog posts, satire, news, latest updates, pictures and interviews of faculties and alumni.

“To err is human” so if you find any error(/s) in the posts published, please let that content and issue be known to us. We will gladly take all the suggestions and comments to improve the overall quality of the site.

If you have any suggestions for us, which will help us to improve the future content posted on this site, then please let us know.

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