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Outside IIFT : Student Exchange Diaries 2017-19 | Let It Snow

Paper Writing Services In Brooklyn - Service with Sophisticated Writers. Our main aim is to be useful in the best possible way to every student that comes to our website. It still feels like yesterday when I left for the student exchange Program, popularly known as SEP, to Rennes in France. Now I’m back with tons of memories and loads of stories to share. Even before I joined a B-school, I always looked forward to the prospect to studying for a couple of months in a completely different country with new experiences and new people. is the best Continue Reading online. We offer quality and plagiarism Case Study Writing help After joining IIFT, I got a chance to spend a trimester in ESC School of Business, Rennes, France. The curriculum was very flexible with just one class every week, leaving a lot of time to explore the different cultures of Europe. During this period, I got a chance to visit 15 countries, each having something unique to offer.

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Want to Buy an Essay Online, Modern Essay Writers, from a Reputable Writing Company But Don't Want to End Up. Our firm is giving professional help in One of the best experiences that I had was when Snow Shoeing in a little town called Les Paccots in Switzerland. It was the first week of February when I went to visit my cousin staying in Bern. The first day went exploring the beautiful city and having Alu paranthas for the first time after coming to Europe. The second day we met a couple of our mutual friends and planned a day trip to Les Paccots which is very popular for trekking in the snow. So, the 6 of us got all geared up wearing 3 layers of clothing considering it was -10 with fresh snowfall occurring.

read this We had a 3 hour upward trek which involved going through very narrow paths on which only a single person could pass at a time.

The best part came when we took pit stop in between and everybody had piping hot chai. So, after chai and all the shenanigans we pulled on our way to the top, we finally reached and it was pure bliss still on top of a mountain and gazing at the complete Bern city. We were carrying shovels with us and after reaching the top, we dug some space for us to sit and started eating all the fruits and stuff each of us had got and started sharing our experiences.

Sadly, we couldn’t stay for long as it started to snow heavily by the time we had settled into our cozy snow chairs and we had to quickly had to rush down. But, on the way down, we had lots of fun doing snow races.

After this, we all went to another small village where a carnival was taking place and everybody was dressed up in some or the other character and the whole town was celebrating and dancing on the streets. It surely was one of the best experiences I had.

                                                                                                                                                                                         -Rattanjyot Singh, MBA (IB) 2017-19

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