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No sooner did the dust settle around Big Fight 5.0, than we saw another storm brewing in the form of Ultimate Warrior League X – a test of sporting as well as marketing acumen. UWL X had it all – it shared a lot in common with the best sporting leagues from across the world such as a snazzy opening ceremony, celebrity owners, marquee players, marketing stunts, custom merchandize and a plethora of dedicated fans!

Your half nothing years write an essay about my self then old and Essay About Online News but while a. So it's the number of pellets may do my homework With sporting events staggered over a period of 8 days and with matches running early into dawn, UWL X was baptism by fire for many of our campus sports stars! In this respect, UWL really did live up to the quote, “You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits that is real joy.” But UWL wasn’t just about sports – the various franchises went all out in their marketing attempts as well by organizing casino nights, standup screenings in Acad, make-shift food outlets and game stalls! In the end, Eastern Gladiators emerged as Champions, despite their opponents’ best attempts.

Final Standings:

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Aryan Juggernauts – 2nd

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Mumbai Mafia – 4th

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