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Summer placements are tough on the mind, as well as on the body. After weeks of sleepless nights, countless cups of coffee, CV verification, mock interviews and what not, Big Fight came along like a breath of fresh air! Big Fight is what takes you from introducing yourself as being from the Batch of 2017- 19 to being from Section A/B/C.

The theme for Big Fight 5.0 was Clash of the Gods. Battle lines were drawn afresh as Section A sought inspiration from Greek mythology, whereas Section B stuck to their roots and took up the mantle of Hindu mythology while Section C decided to take the Egyptian route!

Big Fight 5.0 saw the launch of new events like the Koshish food stalls and the Raddhi event. It also had its fair share of controversies – both on-field and off-field, which only served to make the entire experience more exciting. For instance, there were unconfirmed reports of Russian hackers being roped in to boost likes on certain posts! In the end, Big Fight is not just an inter-section war but it also serves as a platform for the students to showcase their talents as well as get to know each other. In the end, Section B held sway over the sporting events whereas Section A swept away almost all the cultural prizes. However, it was Section C’s all-round display that enabled them to emerge victorious and earn bragging rights!

Final Points Standing

Section A – 1549

Section B – 1445

Section C – 1659

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