Ascend Guest Lecture Series | Mr. Nishant Gupta, Senior Director of Marketplace Business, Seller Marketing, and Operations | Flipkart

Mr. Nishant Gupta, Senior Director of Marketplace business, Seller marketing and Operations, Flipkart addressed the students of the batch of 2019-21. In this session, he gave the students a glimpse of the work he has done at Flipkart for the past six years, information about vendor & seller management and the fundamentals of problem-solving. He engaged the students by relating his personal journey and thoughts as a student and thereafter.

A 2007-09 graduate from IIFT, he specialized in Finance but couldn’t find his niche. While in Finland as a part of the Student Exchange Program, he did marketing projects which piqued his interest in marketing and marketplace dynamics. In 2011, he joined Flipkart which he found it to be his right fit and likened it to a toy clicking into place.

Using a past case based on the online retail of engineering preparation books, he divulged into the thought process and mechanism to approach a problem and tackle it. He went on to explain in detail how all the factors related to the e-commerce space were researched and analyzed. From identifying the right product and distribution channels to the cataloging and merchandising of the products, how everything is broken down to bits and pieces and meticulously analyzed. The problem was divided into smaller and more manageable segments and each segment was dealt with separately to find and execute the best possible solution.

He also talked about how Flipkart has several policies like Tier system – Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers – which act as incentives to improve the performance of the sellers and reward them accordingly. The insights he gave into the field of e-commerce and marketplace business were highly engaging and informative and the students found it very helpful and relatable.

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