Ascend Guest Lecture Series | Mr. Savi Ahuja, Associate | HSBC

Mr. Savi Ahuja, Associate, Investment Banking at HSBC Global Banking and Markets delivered a guest lecture to the students of IIFT. He has been a senior analyst with the firm for 5 years. He has cleared CFA Level 1 and has in depth knowledge about investment banking domain. He is an enthusiastic and captivating speaker.

The lecture centered on Investment Banking and what Investment Bankers do. A six-year veteran in the sector of Investment Banking, he went back to basics to explain what goes on in this sector and how it is not as complex as it is perceived to be.

As Mr. Ahuja put it, Investment Banking is the arm of banking which facilitates buying and selling, be it from the buy side or the sell side. He added that it wasn’t just a lot of number crunching or data research & analysis, it also encompassed a variety of interesting roles like pitching & advisory, negotiations and capital raising which requires analytical and marketing skills.

He delved into what goes on behind the scenes of a Merger & Acquisition deal; comprehensive research of the industry and the company, understanding the business and financial profiles of the company and its peers, the valuation techniques used, a banker’s ‘Football Field’. All these factors are analyzed to check whether the deal makes sense and choose the best possible ‘Exit Option’ .

The session helped aspiring investment bankers understand the sector, the job profile better and the gears that turn for an M&A deal to be successful.

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