Ascend Guest Lecture Series | Mr. Ankur Warikoo, Co-Founder and CEO |

On 3rd July 2019, Mr. Ankur Warikoo, co-founder and CEO of, delivered a guest lecture to IIFT students of the 2019-21 batch.

In a freewheeling conversation with the students on the topic of “Surviving two years of MBA”, Mr. Warikoo stressed on three points the most, which are not restricted particularly to B-school students

  1. Do not allow someone else to define what is a success for you.
  2. Do not think “I deserve to be here at this top b-school”. Work and learn in such a way that after two years you would be able to say “I perhaps deserved to be here”.
  3. Do not get into comfort zones. For two years, this place is a lab where one should subject oneself to the extremes of what is physically and mentally possible. Actively go out seeking a fight with the thing you are scared of.

Talking about his B-school experience, he said that he entered ISB with an open mind. “I didn’t have a plan. That was the plan.”, he said answering one of the questions. He suggested students not to run after a job they would eventually get. He repeatedly asked them not to let the opportunity to find out who they really are pass away. He suggested students that answering “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” with “I don’t know and I am fine with it.” is perfectly acceptable. Students had an enriching experience during the course of the talk

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