Grand Alumni Reunion 2018

17th November,2018 is one day that will be etched in my memory for a long time. This was the first time I witnessed the campus in all its glory. Grand Alumni Reunion they call it. The grandeur of the event truly justifies the name. The event started with the lighting of lamp by our honorable Director Prof. Manoj Pant. We were proud to announce Mr. Milind Pant from MPIB batch of 1993 as the ‘Alumnus of the Year’ 2018. He will take over as Global CEO of Amway effective January 2019.The award was received by Mr. Pant’s father on his behalf.

The achievements of the college along with final placement report of 2016-18 batch and summer placement report of 2018-20 batch were presented by Prof. Sanjay Rastogi. Then began the biggest party on campus. The alumni could be seen happily taking a stroll with their batch-mates reminiscing about the wonderful time they had at the campus. Dressed to the nines, people took pictures hoping to capture the wonderful memories. The night turned all the more colorful as students and alumni matched their steps to the amazing live music. The evening was full of life with good food, great music, laughter and nostalgia. The Alumni Committee hosted a special 10-Year Reunion for the batch of 2008 which saw a good turnout.

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