Ascend Guest Lecture Series | Mr. Somasundaram Ramasubramaniam, Head (Strategic Initiatives) | Mytrah Energy

The students of IIFT were delighted to host Mr. Somasundaram Ramasubramaniam – Head of Strategic Initiatives at Mytrah Energy for a guest lecture. Mr. Ramasubramaniam started the talk by explaining how we sometimes tend to be fixated about the right answers wherein we should focus more on asking the right questions, developing a mental framework and building an analytical bend of mind. He gave us very important life lessons like there is no substitute to perseverance and how important it is to match long term plans with practicality to make those plans effective. He also emphasized on the importance of building relationships. He elaborated the point by saying that getting more people invested in your personal journey improves chances of success and we need to invest in others’ journeys as well. He further gave us examples on how to build a sustainable business model via diversification and differentiation. Diversification could be done in terms of geography, technology and business models.

He explained sustainability via differentiation by discussing how Mytrah Energy developed facility for Wind Resource Assessment which gave it a competitive advantage over its competitors. He also gave us pointers on how to survive in the VUCA world by independence, interdependence and continual improvement. He talked in great detail about Mrs. Indra Nooyi’s 5Cs: Competency, Courage and confidence, Consistency, Communication and Compass. He spoke about Indian Renewable Power Sector and job opportunities in the same. We thank Mr. Ramasubramaniam for this highly informative and inspiring talk.

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