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Ascend Guest Lecture Series | Mr. Joydeb Dhar, General Manager (Human Resources) | Tata NYK Shipping Pte. Ltd.

Seeking for weblink? That's great! Check out the most reliable essay writing service EssayOnTime You can decide which writer will create The students of IIFT were delighted to host Mr. Joydeb Dhar, General Manager(Human Resources), Tata NYK Shipping Pte. Ltd. Mr. Dhar talked extensively on the changing perception of the role of Human Resources in the functioning of an organization.
He began his talk by opining that in the present day, HR is being seen more as a business role rather than staff or support. Indian trade and business had potential but needed a boost. He spoke of the increasing importance of millennials as a market segment, but also as one slightly difficult to understand. One needed to understand what an organisation meant to a professional. Tata stood for culture, heritage, ethics and employee wellbeing, taking in newcomers as their own family, while the current challenges with millennials lay in their inherent restlessness, leading to their changing positions without absorbing the full extent of learning. Growth could be achieved through accepting that change was inevitable, nurturing talent, team building and bonding, and taking feedback seriously. Coexistence and functions are mainly routed through HR, which is presently all about succession planning, which in itself should be robust enough to be called an asset to the organization.
He continued by stating that shipping was an evergreen industry and a niche subject in its own right, which required an intensive interest in trade. Goods would always have to be shipped and would continue the same way in future. Typical ship lives ranged between 15-20 years, from which we could get ship days. From the cost of each ship day, employee costs could be managed such that one can generate profits. He concluded by saying that the most important thing to be done with fresh talent was to groom newcomers and train them in accordance with the values of the organization. The session concluded with questions by the enthusiastic audience, which Mr. Dhar was very happy to answer based on his experience and expertise.

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