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Ascend Guest Lecture Series | Mr. Aaquib Hussain, Founder & Director | I And We

IIFT was delighted to host Mr. Aaqib Hussain, Founder and Director, I And We for an exciting and engaging talk about the education system in our country and how his organization is creating products that can bring a change in this area.

He started off by talking about the education system that the attendees have been a part of for the past many years. The attendees pointed out many problems that plague the education system, some of them being lack of practical training and application of concepts and a big gap in career counselling opportunities for students to pick their career of choice.

Offering high level of website & Multimedia Order A Paper by our creative team to help your business reach target audience Get Quotation Now Mr. Aaqib then stupendously demonstrated how a simple event like hitting a six in a cricket match can be broken down into innumerable individual events using scientific jargon that students have studied in detail in their schools. The point that he wanted to drive home was that students seldom appreciate the practicality of what they study in classrooms. With this thought in mind, he founded SevenAtoms provides premium quality White Paper Writing services, Case Study Writing and Term Paper Sitess ‘I And We’, whose aim is to impart training to people. These training equip people to be industry-ready for the challenges that the future has in store for them. With changing times and the technology outpacing every force in this world, the employees and the employers of the future need to be trained on how to apply what they learn in theories and bring their ideas to life. The integrated platform offers video, simulation, info graphics and webinars supported solutions to candidates. The platform also serves as a validation platform to rate candidates on their employability as well as ‘employer-ability’ or entrepreneurial acumen.

In the end, Mr. Aaquib shared with the attendees that the aim of the organization is that of an Buy an essay that is written especially for you when you need it. That’s why we enable you to my review heres from us and still get high quality ‘India devoid of divided education’. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the energetic and electric session that discussed in detail a major problem that the youth of the country have been facing for many years and how technology can become an enabler for many dreams and hopes that seldom see the light of the day.

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