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Women Emerging in Finance | Goldman Sachs

body cosmology dissertation distinguished in kashmir saivism research papers buy essay help vancouver The students of IIFT were delighted to be a part of the session conducted by Goldman Sachs on “Women Emerging in Finance.” The eminent panellists were Ms. Nidhi Sharma, Vice President- HR Business Partner, Ms. Kavitha Kamath, Vice President- Operations Chief of Staff, Mr. Nelson Jacob, Associate- HR and Ms. Athira Pradeep- Equity Research Analyst and also an alumnus of IIFT, batch of 2014-16. The session was very inspiring especially for young women wanting to carve a niche for themselves in the world of finance. The panellists shared their experience about working in Goldman Sachs and the kind of growth opportunities the company offers to its employees. They also debunked the myth that a career in finance disrupts work-life harmony. Ms. Sharma advised students to prioritise learning over vertical growth. Ms. Pradeep said that it is very important to have open communication with one’s seniors as it can help one navigate through work place issues. They further talked about the exceptional learning curve the company provides to an individual and the exposure to a wide array of projects one can be involved in. They advised the students to be well aware of the current events and happenings impacting the business world.

Ms. Kamath encouraged the students to develop curiosity, a learning attitude and a sense of accountability as she believed these qualities would enable them to scale great heights in their careers. The panellists further emphasised on the importance of having a robust emotional ecosystem in the form of strong relationships both at home and at workplace. They finally advised the students to try and develop a well rounded personality and maintain a healthy social life alongside their work commitments.

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