Ascend Guest Lecture Series | Mr. Deepayan Sensharma, Director – HR (India, Middle East and Africa) | Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group

The students of IIFT had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Deepayan Sensharma, Director – HR (India, Middle East, and Africa), JLT India for an interactive and informative session. During this thoroughly engaging session, Mr. Sensharma spoke about technological disruptions and the change it will bring about in the workforce. Mr. Sensharma started off the session opening the floor to any questions we had and made sure to cover it in the session that followed. He covered the session in three phases.

  1. He was kind enough to share with us his Corporate leadership journey. “All leaders make mistakes, no one is infallible.”, he said, to imbibe confidence in us.
  2. Mr. Sensharma gave us deep insights into JLT as an organization, the lines of work they’re into and the work culture in the office.
  3. He told us about technological disruption and how it was going to affect the future workforce.  The major focus was on Adaptive challenges – problems that we have never seen or heard of before. He advised us to prepare ourselves to be inquisitive, to be comfortable with ambiguity, to use the limited data available and figure out solutions.

“In this age of technological disruption, the future of the workforce is such that we have to look into acquiring lateral skills.”, Mr. Deepayan Sensharma.

The message that Mr. Sensharma left us with was this, “Create your own journey, be flexible enough to change it if required and don’t compare your journey to another’s because it needn’t be a rat race.” We thank Mr. Sensharma for the authentic and illuminating session.


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