Day 3 of Trade Winds 2018 – The Valedictory Summit

The Valedictory Summit of Trade Winds 2018 was graced by Mr. Sankalp Potbhare, Managing Director – Kraft Heinz Company, South Asia. This marked the end of the three-day national summit which saw participation from industry experts from various fields and interactive sessions with the students. Trade Winds 2018 was designed to encompass key contemporary issues in different functional areas related to international business management to ensure a seamless exchange of ideas and information between the industry leaders, faculties, and students. Over the last 3 days, we have learned a lot about the world of business, digitization, and robotics, and the importance of the integration of machines in the various sectors and industries.

The general secretary of international management forum, IIFT student council,  Abhishek Chauhan delivered the welcome address, followed by the lamp lighting ceremony. 

While enlightening the students on the skills that would enable them to navigate through the challenges of the corporate world, he stressed upon the importance of maintaining a balancing act between technology and human touch. Therefore, it’s important to understand the role people play in this fast-changing business environment. We’d like to thank Mr. Sankalp Potbhare for the wonderfully insightful session.

The Summit was concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Abhishek Chauhan, General Secretary, IMF, IIFT student council.



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