Day 1 of Trade Winds 2018 starts with the The Lamp Lighting Ceremony

Trade Winds 2018, the annual business conclave of IIFT was inaugurated on 31st July, 2018  with the theme of “Human v/s Machines or Humans and Machines.” The summit was launched by the Chief Guest of the event, Mr. Suresh Narayanan, Chairman and Managing Director, Nestle India Ltd and Prof.  Manoj Pant, Director of IIFT. The summit was formally set in motion by the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries, after which Abhishek Chauhan, General Secretary of the IMF (International Management Forum) – Student’s Council welcomed the esteemed guest and gave the timeline of events for Day 1.

Prof. Pant spoke about the way technology is changing the business world and how the business schools need to adapt to the changing times to prepare young leaders who can be the harbingers of growth in the society.

Mr. Suresh Narayanan, gave deep insights on the topic, “In search of a better world.” And spoke how technology is bringing about a positive change in the life of the people but at the same time we need to be careful about its misuse and how irresponsible propagation of technology can bring about a huge amount of social fractures. He further elaborated his point by saying that the day machines are looked upon as eliminating human beings in all types and forms is the time when all of us have to start questioning what technology can do for us.

The session ended on high note leaving the students enriched with food for thought and insights on the use of technology to drive positive change in the society.

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